• Multi-period optimization, dynamic optimization, discreet optimization, financial portfolio optimization

    Financial, Portfolio, Liquidity & Balance Sheet Optimization

    Balance Sheet
    Portfolio & Asset Allocation
    Treasury Cash & Liquidity
    Hedging Programs

Next generation ready-to-use supercomputing banking, financial and treasury optimization

Minimize risk, maximize profit, cloud optimization solutions. Optimal asset allocation.

Ready-for-use state-of-the-art cost-effective and flexible optimization solutions that actually work, and don’t require lengthy implementation, nor large consultant teams.

Universal optimization platform: Balance sheet. Portfolio & asset allocation. Treasury cash & liquidity. Hedging programs.

Customize the optimization model (objective and constraints) that fits your specific business logics. Optimization objective functions can be: maximize return, profit, cash or liquidity. Minimize cost, risk or cost of capital. Multiple constraints can be added. These can be linear, e.g., max, min, or nonlinear such as liquidity and capital ratios in banking balance sheet.

Banks can go beyond regulatory compliance (BASEL III, IFRS 9, etc.) and implement active balance sheet management via dynamic optimization, subject to these regulatory constraints such as liquidity or capital.

Performance analysis of custom indicators (earnings, returns, cash, liquidity, capital) comparing actual and optimal scenarios.

Long-term strategic optimal planning. Short-term tactical optimization to capture upside opportunities or avoid downsides as markets move. The optimization engine is scalable to accommodate both perspectives and timescales.

Optimization models are dynamic, multi-period and path dependent, i.e., decisions in one time step affect future decisions.

24/7 QR Cloud Optimization services offer a wide range of ready-to-use models, automatically executed around the clock. No software installation or coding.

Key Functions and Apps

Optimal investment allocation. Optimal portfolio to minimize risk. Optimal return. Optimize profit.

Balance Sheet

Balance sheet optimization under internal and BASEL III Liquidity & Capital constraints.

Optimize cash. Optimize liquidity. Optimize treasuryTreasury Cash

Treasury Cash & Liquidity

Cash supply chain and liquidity optimization. Dynamic Pricing of AP and AR.

Mean-variance portfolio optimization. Conditional VaR portfolio optimization. Expected loss portfolio optimization. Financial portfolio optimization, optimal asset allocation

Portfolio & Assets

Optimal asset, funds and investment allocation. Efficient frontier.

Next Generation Dual Cloud On-site Platform

  • Leverage next generation dual-use cloud on-site architecture. QR Cloud is a live 24/7 supercomputing platform with a vast array of ready-to-use models and templates. You can select, download and customize any configuration from QR Cloud in your own instance, whether on-site or on QR Cloud.

  • QR System is a single universal software for all on-site and QR Cloud instances, and is upgraded quarterly free of charge. Actual clients’ implementation are configured in a database, which is portable from QR Cloud to on-site.

  • QR Cloud is ideal for medium size players. No software installation, IT infrastructure, resources or efforts required. All you need is a browser.

  • Private Cloud or on-site are for entities wishing to control data and processes.

New Commercial Paradigm

  • Whether on the cloud or on-site, no permanent license and hefty initial license fee. Just pay 1 single yearly subscription fee for license, cloud supercomputing, maintenance and on-going upgrades.

  • Start with an actual Trial to test our platform and the quality of our expert team. Continue if satisfied. Cancel if the Trial fails to meet your expectations.

  • Ready for use out-of-the-box, no custom development or coding.

  • Cost-effective speedy implementation via intuitive configuration. Select, download and customize any configuration from QR Cloud in your own instance, whether on-site or on QR Cloud. Save years and millions.

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